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Side Hustle Forums endeavors to be a place for both professionalism and fun. We strive to resolve all issues with healthy doses of professionalism, logic, and old-fashioned common sense. There is not a specific rule for everything. If a situation presents itself without a clearly associated rule, we will use our fundamental standards and principles.

To summarize our rules in a very brief word, please treat all members with the respect and decency that you expect to be treated. If an issue does arise, please use private channels such as the Report Post (!) button or a PM (private message) to an appropriate member of the Side Hustle Forums team.

Side Hustle Forums Official Rules
  1. Do not spam. Unless an area is designated as a place for your to share your side hustle services, don't engage in self promotion, period.
  2. Be professional. Focus on constructive and thoughtful content. Do not antagonize anyone, including harassment, threatening, attacking, instigating, insulting, or otherwise harming others.
  3. Refrain from excessive profanity. We understand life causes us all to cuss every once in a while, but try and keep the expletive-laden rants to a minimum.
  4. Don't do illegal things. Do not engage in or promote illegal or fraudulent activities. This includes everything from plagiarism to posting illegal or stolen software.
  5. Adult content is prohibited. Please avoid posting any adult content.
  6. No duplicate posts. Don't post multiple threads on the same topic, or copy and paste your content from anywhere else.
All decisions made by the Side Hustle Forums team are final, though they may be appealed via the proper channel in private. Each situation is handled independent of another situation, so excuses for simply following the actions of others are not acceptable.

If you see a violation of the rules, please use the report function.
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